The Bible Through History

The Bible in its original form was recorded in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.  It is generally accepted that the very first complete English translation of the Bible was created toward the end of the 14th century and is credited to John Wycliffe, an eminent and influential Oxford theologian and popular preacher.  Wycliffe strongly advocated the English translation of the scriptures so that poor people would have access to God’s Word.

The evolution of the English version of the Bible:

1380 Wycliffe
1525 Tyndale
1535 Coverdale
1537 Matthew
1539 Cranmer
1560 Geneva Bible
1568 Bishops’ Bible
1582 Rheims’ NT
1611 Authorized Version
1750 Challoner
1881 Revised Version
1901 American Standard Version
1913-1914 Moffatt
1928 Westminster
1945 Knox
1946 RSV
1949 Basic English
1961 New English Bible
1971 The Living Bible
1971 New American Standard Bible
1976 Good News Bible Version
1978 New International Version
1979 New King James Bible



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